orc-nov-reformerNeuromuscular Therapy is the most recent addition to Oxford Recovery Center.  Research has shown that you don’t age just because you are getting older, you age because you stop moving.  Neuromuscular Therapy can get you moving again.

Leading the Nueromuscular Therapy progam is Denise David, a Board-Certified Occupational Therapist. Denise comes to us with several years of experience, and holds many certifications including the National Neurologic Rehabilitation Certificate, Pilates Certificate and Orthopedic Certificate.  

Day-to-day activity, over a lifetime, results in the development of some muscles that are short and tight and others that are long and weak. Neuromuscular Therapy eliminates that issue by building core strength and neuromuscular glide so the body’s muscles move synchronously together. 

This therapy is conducted using a machine called the ‘Reformer.’  The Reformer uses spring tension and cables for support; and exercises are done lying, sitting, kneeling, and in a variety of other positions.  

When you first meet with Denise, she will assess your posture, standing and sitting. She will also discuss any pain or other issues you may be having.  The therapy starts right where you are and builds strength beginning with the core and moving outward, building strength without damaging the joints.  This therapy is ideal for rehabilitation, and also for general improvement in flexibility and strength.  Spinal traction can also be performed with the Reformer, resulting in the relief of back pain.  A little-known fact is that the body has 7 groups of pain-inhibiting muscles – this therapy will strengthen those muscles, providing pain relief.  Imbalances within the body will be identified and corrected and you will be much more aware and in control of your own body.   Denise will give you tools to self-manage as well as exercises to do at home.   You will be transformed.