Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

A specialized form of medical treatment administered by delivering 100% pure oxygen to the body through increased atmospheric pressure greater than 1.3 ATA. in an enclosed hard chamber.

Suit Therapy

ABA & Autism Services

ABA therapy increases positive behaviors to replace problem behaviors in children with Autism.  Children are taught the skills that will make them more successful in their home, school, and communities.

Suit Therapy

Intensive Physical Therapy

Oxford Recovery Center integrates conventional physical therapy and TheraSuit therapy programs to accelerate the development of new motor skills that strengthen muscles and teach the brain and body how to sit, stand, and walk.

Suit Therapy

Physical Therapy

These sessions focus on retraining the body and brain from a neurological standpoint compared to the traditional muscular approach. Patients are trained to use muscles correctly, rather than compensating for muscle groups that are not functioning properly.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Medical Services

The Oxford Medical Consultation is a comprehensive assessment and therapeutic planning consultation providing a map to synergistic therapy.

qEEG Neurofeedback

qEEG & Neurofeedback

The Oxford Neurofeedback program evaluates brain activity patterns and teaches self-regulation of brain function through quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG). Also known as “brain mapping,” qEEG analyzes electrical patterns at the surface of the scalp.

qEEG Neurofeedback

Speech Therapy

Speech is the communication building block for lifelong learning. At ORC, our speech therapists provide techniques and strategies for children and adults to communicate more effectively.

qEEG Neurofeedback

Occupational Therapy

At ORC, our Occupational Therapy program provides techniques and strategies for children and adults to acquire life skills. It focuses on sensory-motor, social, emotional and cognitive functions. Our therapy model customizes programs based on your level and situation.

Naturopathic Services

Our mission is to teach clients how to nourish their bodies and minds by paying attention to everything they take in, noticing the effect on their daily lives, and empowering them to make ever-healthier choices. Our Naturopathic Services are for both adults and children.

Weight Loss

Oxford Recovery Center’s weight loss program is highly effective and unlike any other program. Our team uses careful monitoring and supplementation to keep your body in an optimal, fat-burning state.