Does ABA Cause PTSD in Autistic Individuals?

May 10, 2018Informational

A recent study was published on the prevalence of PTSD symptoms in autistic individuals that received ABA therapy. The study reports nearly half of the 460 respondents exhibited symptoms of PTSD. The type of ABA therapy that was studied were programs that force eye contact, punish self-stimulating behaviors (stimming) and force participants to work at tables without alternative seating for hours. These programs use both reinforcement and punishment procedures as a way to modify behavior.

Oxford Recovery Center Programs are different from those in the study. We promote skill acquisition with natural teaching techniques and incorporate physical activity and music to teach skills.  We encourage attending skills only to the point that allows the child to function successfully across their environments. We promote pivotal response theory, which is a child-directed reinforcement procedure that uses individual interests to reinforce positive behavior. Our program does NOT use any type of punishment procedure …EVER.

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