Are you unable to move the way you used to? Do you feel as though you are held back from doing the things you love because your body is failing you? Well, January is right around the corner, which means it’s a great time to invest in a new you! Whether you’re
83 and having trouble moving or you’re just trying to improve your golf swing, or you’re anywhere in between, Neuromuscular Therapy is a great way to kick off your new years goals.

Our board certified trainer Denise David has a background in Occupational Therapy combined with training in a spectrum of modalities to help put your body in symphony. She has worked with everyone from Olympic athletes to those affected by stroke and TBI and she is passionate about recovery. She believes that what you do today is how you are tomorrow.

Working one on one with her, you will learn to engage specific muscles in your body from your head all the way to your toes. Not only will you be training your body to work in symphony, but you will be getting a great low impact workout as well.

“The beauty of this therapy is in its ability to improve how you feel in your own body,” says Denise. The goal is to get back to the way you are supposed to move so that you can continue to do the things you love.

With Neuromuscular Therapy, the neuromuscular system itself is being trained for a response, allowing the promotion of other motor fibers. Put simply, better alignment, better core strength, and better flexibility!

Here at Oxford Recovery Center, we believe that a person’s body should not be their limitation. This is why Neuromuscular Therapy is amongst our many synergistic therapies. This dynamic therapy builds core strength so the body’s muscles move in symphony. It strengthens deep muscles from the “inside out” which can address pain, balance the body, increase strength, and improve flexibility.

Some of the benefits include the strengthening of muscles without overstraining or damaging joints, the relief of back pain, the strengthening of pain-inhibiting muscles, and reduction of pain from overcompensation. Neuromuscular Therapy also improves posture and balance.

Through the use of a special device called a reformer, you will be able to retrain incorrect movement patterns that lead to pain and replace them with correct movements. The exercises are done in a variety of positions in order to unload pressure in joints and build muscle strength starting with the core and moving outward.

Everybody is different. So, every approach should be different. Here at Oxford Recovery Center, we understand this and that is why Neuromuscular Therapy fits perfectly into our synergistic system of therapies. Denise will approach your sessions based on your individual goals and design a program accordingly. There is no one size fits all method.

So, if you feel as though you would like to embark on your journey to a new you, schedule an appointment with Denise David and discover how good you can feel.