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Typical routine lab work often falls short of uncovering subtle abnormalities which can have a profound effect on health. Unless accurately addressed, this vicious cycle will continue to inhibit the various biochemical pathways necessary for proper neurological and immune function. The resulting complications contribute to, and may even cause, the symptoms and conditions we suffer from. To achieve optimal results, it is critical that potential biomedical issues be assessed and included as part of the overall treatment programs for our patients.

Comprehensive laboratory testing can identify physiological imbalances and point to an individualized treatment approach. Treatments are designed to restore the body to balance and optimize function through nutritional support, diet, detoxification, and reduction of toxic environmental influences.

Which lab tests do we offer and what are they for?

Genetics Test

The Genetics Test strives to provide relevant, clinically applicable genetic data that allows us to assess roadblocks and issues in genetics. These genetic “snips” provide us with the relevant info that lead us to providing patients with nutritional and lifestyle changes often related to detoxification, methylation, cell repair, and neurotransmission. These changes can improve metabolic imbalances, inflammation in the body, brain fog, and more.

The Genetics Test is facilitated through an easy swab of the cheek.


GI Map Test

The GI Map Test is unique in the field of comprehensive stool testing. It relies on the latest technology to detect harmful parasites, yeast, bacteria, fungi, and more by targeting the DNA of the organisms found in the stool.

The analysis of these organisms in the body can be used to treat for wellness and for treatment with chronic, frustrating illnesses. Results from this test will be targeted through supplements, nutritional changes, and lifestyle adjustments.

Neurotransmitter Test

Neurotransmitter Test integrates a more comprehensive view of the body’s neuroendocrine system—how our brains work with our bodies. It targets imbalances that contribute to depression, anxiety, poor sleep, ADHD, addiction, hormonal imbalances, and more. The Neurotransmitter Test is facilitated with a non-invasive urine sample. Results of this test are targeted with supplements, dietary changes, and lifestyle adjustments.

When done in conjunction with the Genetics Test, the combined results provide the most precise insight into the body’s functions and abnormalities.

Organic Acid Test (OAT)

The Organic Acid Test, commonly known as the OAT, offers a comprehensive snapshot of the patient’s overall health through 76 markers. These markers include accurate evaluations of intestinal yeast and bacteria, but also includes markers for vitamins, minerals, oxidative stress, and more. This test is facilitated through a urine sample.

This test is used worldwide and is a gold standard test in holistic care and treatment. Results from this test may be treated through appropriate supplements, diet changes, and lifestyle adjustments.

Glyphosate Level Test

Recent studies indicate a connection between chronic illnesses and glyphosate exposure. The Glyphosate Level Test establishes a baseline of the glyphosate burden in the body, as high correlations can cause illnesses like autism, stroke, obesity, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, IBS, kidney disease, cancer, and many more.

The patient’s urine and common water source is tested for glyphosate levels. For example, water will be tested for a patient whose common water source is a well located near agricultural land or a golf course.

Hair Metals Test

The Hair Metals Test is ideal for checking a patient’s exposure to toxic metals. Hair provides important information that can assist with an early diagnosis of physiological disorders associated with anomalies in the metabolism.

Heavy metals toxicity caused by increasing levels of pollution and the widespread use of chemicals in industry is a growing threat to our health and the development of our children. High levels of toxic metals deposited in body tissues, and subsequently in the brain, may cause significant developmental and neurological damage.

IgG Food Sensitivity Panel

It’s hard for us to track how our bodies react to the foods we eat, and sometimes our food can affect us for hours and even days after an “offending” meal. The purpose of the IgG Food Sensitivity Panel is to aid in structuring an elimination diet to relieve symptoms of many chronic neurological, gastrointestinal, and movement disorders. The introduction of an elimination diet can help decrease gastrointestinal bloating, nausea, headaches, mood changes, fatigue, and more.

The test is facilitated through collection of a dried blood spot, and can be done from the convenience of home before being sent to the lab for testing.

Estrogen Panel

Hormones that don’t break down properly in the body can increase the risks for certain cancers, such as breast cancer. The Estrogen Panel testing gives insight into whether the body is fully detoxifying hormones, which is essential because some hormones can be carcinogenic if they don’t break down properly.

With every published study, there is increasing evidence that the amount of estrogen made and how the body processes (metabolizes) this estrogen has significant implications for cancer. In women, this is most commonly seen as breast cancer, and in men, most commonly seen as prostate cancer. This test assesses 13 estrogens, more than any other test available on the market.

MITO Swab Test

The MITO Swab Test is a non-invasive, cheek-swab test meant to diagnose mitochondrial dysfunction in the body’s cells. Mitochondrial disorders or dysregulation may occur at any age. Appropriate diagnosis may lead to effective treatment and improve of symptoms or condition.

Dysfunction in the mitochondria may cause many acute and chronic illnesses including autism, developmental delays, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart failure, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, and more.

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