Welcome to The Village of ORC

Changing The Way Autism is Treated

The Village of ORC

The Village of ORC has 12 retail stores including a dentist office, hair salon, coffee shop, grocery store, and more. The Village of ORC will be used for ABA therapy in a natural setting.

This is the only facility of its kind in the US, making it the best location in the country for Natural Environment Teaching. It includes ABA rooms that graduate children from one-on-one learning all the way up to a school like setting, helping to prepare them for success in school.


Our Village

Colossians 3:23 Coffee House

“And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.” Our coffee house was named after a verse that meets our core values as a company. We serve and love serving. We also use the coffee house for both our ABA and COMPASS programs. It is structured in a manner that allows us to run many different behavioral programs to help kids and young adults develop neurotypical behaviors for the real world. 

The Village Café

The Village Café has a variety of fresh, healthy menu items available daily. We offer freshly made soups, salads, and sandwiches, as well as gluten free pizza cooked fresh in a state-of-the-art oven. The COMPASS program utilizes this Village of ORC shop to help clients learn many behavioral skills when dealing with customers, challenges, and other interactions within the workplace. 

Smoothie Station

The Smoothie Station at the Village of ORC has a great menu of healthy, fully organic smoothies. All smoothies are made fresh to order and taste absolutely delicious! The COMPASS program will use this shop to create real life workplace scenarios for young adults with Autism. Helping our clients work through challenges in our contrived situations will teach them the appropriate ways to respond in similar real-life situations and give them the skills to be successful in the workplace. 

Simply Fresh Market

This village store is sponsored by Simply Fresh Market in Brighton, Michigan. They share our belief that what you put into your body is important. Our functioning grocery store is stocked with healthy, gluten free items. We use this store within our ABA program to help our kids learn appropriate behaviors within their community. Our COMPASS program uses this as an environment to run scenarios to help young adults work through behavioral issues while on a job. 

Dino Dentistry

We use Dino Dentistry, with a functioning dentist chair, to help our kids and young adults gain the abilities they need in order to go to an actual dentist. Children with Autism can often be fearful or overwhelmed at the dentist office. As a result, they sometimes go without proper dental care which can lead to health issues. By spending time at Dino Dentistry during therapy, our kiddos are learning that the dentist’s office is nothing to fear. 

Toy Jungle

The Toy Jungle offers dollar store type items for kiddos. We use this store for many facets in our ABA program. It helps teach the children how to interact properly and appropriately in a store with a parent or peers. It is a wonderful reward for accomplishing programming goals and targets within each kiddo’s individualized ABA program. It is also a great environment for teaching our clients about money. 

Premier Pet Supply

Our pet supply store is sponsored by Premier Pet Supply. They have 13 locations across Southeast Michigan, offering nearly everything you need to take great care of your furry friends.  The Village of ORC uses our Premier Pet Supply for many Natural Environment Teaching opportunities, along with program-based rewards and of course FUN within our non-traditional ABA program. 

Huntington Bank

The Village of ORC has as fully functioning Huntington Bank ATM. This ATM will allow cash withdrawal as well as deposits. The neat function of this ATM is that you can choose which specific bills you would like to withdraw (five 1’s and one 5, etc). The COMPASS program at Oxford Recovery Center will use this ATM to teach money management and basic banking for young adults with Autism. 

Blake's Barber Shop

Blake’s Barber Shop is a very similar setup to Dino Dentistry. Although we will not have a full-time barber or stylist on staff, we will bring in one from time to time. The primary goal of Blake’s Barber shop is to teach the necessary skills and behaviors needed for parents to be able to take their children to the barber or salon themselves.  


165 Kirts Blvd #500, Troy, MI 48084