Jeff Mosteller

Troy Manager

Jeff joined the Oxford Recovery Center team in July 2019.

Jeff Mosteller received a degree in Underwater Technology in September of 1982. Since then he has worked in every aspect of hyperbarcic medicine, starting at UCSD Medical Center where he rose to become Program Director by age 28. Jeff took the very first CHT exam offered in 1991 by the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technologists, passing with distinction and becoming just the 33rd CHT ever.

Over his 36 year career, Jeff has operated and managed hyperbaric and wound care centers on every level including Level 1 Trauma Units, such as UCSD and Detroit Recieving Hospital with Complex Multiplace Chambers and intensive care capabilities, to small hospital monoplace centers, and is familiar with every type and manufacturer of hyperbaric chambers. He has published 16 technical papers on hyperbaric operations and safety. In just over 36 years, he has performed or supervised tens of thousands of hyperbaric procedures with a single patient injury more than ear squeeze, and has performed hundreds of treatments for decompression sickness.