Dr Luis G Maduro, MD

Like his father before him, Dr. Maduro practices medicine the old-fashioned way, as a friend and counselor to his patients. After graduating from medical school in 1989, he began practicing Internal and Family Medicine in his home country of Puerto Rico. He completed an Emergency Medicine Fellowship in San Juan at the biggest medical center of the Caribbean. Dr. Maduro transitioned away from Assembly Medicine many years ago after becoming certified in Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine sees the patient as a physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual being. Functional and Integrative Medicine combines Western Medicine, complementary medicine, and non-pharmacologic treatments such as mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, stress reduction, exercise, herbal medicine, massage, biofeedback, and acupuncture. Dr. Maduro’s philosophy is that we are fundamentally designed to heal. He sees it as his duty to work with you using the expanded set of tools of Functional Medicine. 

In Functional Medicine, we work with cognitive decline, biometrics, cardiac metabolism, environmental health, and the gastrointestinal tract. These are the main causes of health decline in western society due to poor nutrition, stress related functions, hormonal imbalances, and immunological disbalances. At Oxford Recovery Center, we have a team with the philosophy of Functional Medicine which allows us to take an innovative approach to alternative medication and treatment for children and adults, including the elderly.