Pre and Post Surgery 

Surgical procedures are on the rise globally, and despite the advancements in peri-operative care, up to 50% of elective surgical patients will experience post-operative complications, including surgical site infections.  Research suggests that one major cause for postoperative complications is the surgical stress response.  Postoperative complications result in an increased risk of re-operation, increased length of stay, decline in quality of life, morbidity, and mortality.  Postoperative swelling causes compression around blood vessels and nerves which affects the healing process and can result in pain and discomfort.  Prevention of these post-surgical complications is vital. 

Key factors with Surgery 

Surgical stress response: 

Increased demands on patients’ hormonal, metabolic, and immunological systems 

Systemic inflammation 

Neuroendocrine and metabolic dysregulation


Complications after Surgery 

Impaired immune function 

Impaired wound healing 

Increased oxidative stress 



How Oxford Recovery Center Help 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy decreases inflammation, oxygenates the entire body, stimulates the growth of new healthy blood vessels, and releases stem cells, up to 800% more after twenty sessions!  HBOT also promotes the osteogenic process, has a bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect, improves neovascularization and postischemic tissue survival, and leads to production of antioxidant enzymes.  Preventing or reducing the inflammatory stress response caused by surgical procedures has been shown by research to be effective in improved patient outcomes.  Treating with HBOT before surgery stimulates protective mechanisms in the body and helps prepare the body for a better surgical outcome.  Treating with HBOT after surgery effectively reduces post operative swelling and improves healing and recovery. 

Research Studies

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

A specialized form of medical treatment administered by delivering 100% pure oxygen to the body through increased atmospheric pressure greater than 1.3 ATA. in an enclosed hard chamber.

Suit Therapy

Physical Therapy and Suit Therapy

The Oxford Recovery Center integrates conventional Physical Therapy and Suit Therapy programs to accelerate the development of new motor skills that strengthen muscles and teach the brain and body how to sit, stand, and walk.

qEEG Neurofeedback

QEEG/Neurofeedback with Real-time Brain Imaging

The Oxford Neurofeedback program evaluates brain activity patterns and teaches self-regulation of brain function through quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG). Also known as “brain mapping,” qEEG analyzes electrical patterns at the surface of the scalp.

Nutrition and Weight-Loss

Naturopathic Services

The Oxford Nutrition and Weight-Loss Program approaches your nutritional needs in a personalized manner that caters to your needs.

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