Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy 

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a Neurodevelopmental Disorder most commonly occurring as a result of injury to the brain during cerebral development.  CP can present either as a global mental and physical dysfunction or as isolated areas of dysfunction in gait, cognition, growth, or sensation.  It is the most common motor disability in childhood and can occur at any time during the brain’s development, although most cases occur during the prenatal phase.  There are five classifications of Cerebral Palsy. 

Characteristics of CP 

High or low muscle tone 

Stiff or rigid body 


Lack of head control 

Flexible joints and ligaments 

Floppiness in the limbs 


Poor coordination 

Poor balance and stability 

Jerky movements 

Speech difficulties 

Feeding issues 

Developmental delays 

How Oxford Recovery Center Can Help 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) 

 Cerebral Palsy (CP) is commonly caused by reduced blood flow to the brain before or shortly after birth.  HBOT delivers 100% pure oxygen to the body through increased atmospheric pressure, saturating the plasma and oxygenating the entire body.  The increased oxygen levels enhance the vascular activity, nerve cell growth, and gross motor function for CP patients. Research studies have also shown a decrease in muscle spasms and sleep disorders. When combined with an intensive therapy program, HBOT can significantly improve function and quality of life for individuals with CP.   

Intensive Suit Therapy/TheraSuit 

The TheraSuit is a soft, breathable, dynamic orthotic consisting of a vest, shorts, knee pads, and specially adapted shoes with hooks and elastic cords that help tell the body how it is supposed to move in space.  Combined with our daily intensive program, Suit Therapy can accelerate the development of new motor skills that strengthen muscles and teach the brain and body how to sit, stand, and walk.   

Additional Therapies 

Cerebral Palsy Patient Stories

Janna’s Ongoing Cerebral Palsy Journey

Janna’s Ongoing Journey

Janna's Ongoing JourneyJanna was born with cerebral palsy. Birthing complications left Janna without oxygen for too long, leading to a CP diagnosis as a newborn baby. She started physical therapy at the age of two, and since childhood has undergone four hip...

Grace’s Progress at Oxford Recovery Center

It’s so nice to have hope again.

Emily Kistner


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Week 3

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