ARTS Program: Nutritional Coaching for Children With Autism


Targets a Root Cause of Autism

Most individuals with autism have gastrointestinal problems. And everything is harder when we are in pain. A healthier individual will work harder in therapy and have more fun at play. Studies show that changing diet can affect behavior, sleep, mood, and communication.

Individualized Meal Plans and Coaching

Every person is unique. That’s why we work with parents to develop and maintain a diet that addresses their child’s specific needs. We are accustomed to working with resistant eaters and individuals who follow limited diets. It is possible to increase nutrients intake, decrease demands for unhealthy foods, and enjoy easier mealtimes.

Based on lab testing

To determine the best diet for your child, Oxford Recovery Center offers extensive laboratory testing. If results indicate nutritional deficiencies and/or toxicity, this information will be used in designing your individualized program. A targeted program will optimize outcomes.

Synergistic by Design

Oxford’s nutrition program is designed to work together with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, neurofeedback, ABA, and our ever-increasing therapeutic offerings. With our synergistic approach, you can expect a greater sum of results than each therapy would achieve individually.

Benefits of ARTS Nutrition Coaching

  • Learning which foods trigger meltdown
  • Improved digestion and easier bowel movements
  • Stabilized mood and behavior
  • Easier sleep
  • Expanded communication
  • Improved focus
  • Better overall  health

The Role of Food and Nutrition in Autism Recovery

  • Individuals with autism suffer from gastrological abnormalities more frequently than the overall population
  • Scientists now call the gut the second brain and recognize the connection between gut health, mental health, and emotions
  • Changing the diet can lead to dramatic improvements in mood and behavior
  • The rate of success in making life changes increases dramatically with ongoing coaching and accountability

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